Live Music at the Livewire Venue

About our Venue

Young Bands at Livewire

On youth club evenings The Venue is available to young bands to play to other young people and we welcome applications by young bands from Cornwall and Devon to play on these nights. These evenings are not open to the public.

Public Ticketed Events

We are made up that our Venue is now open to adults on a number of non-youth centre evenings a year, offering performances from great local and national bands at ticketed events, profits from which go to support the development of our Livewire Youth Music Project for young people. See the 'Upcoming Gigs' listing (right) for gigs coming up.

Our Venue Fact Sheet

For visiting bands you want to know the all important details about our backline, and these are available below in our Venue Fact Sheet...



Upcoming Gigs

Livewire's production of 70s rock opera from The Who

December 2013


Wantok at Livewire



Our Venue Fact Sheet


4 x Mackie SA1532z active
2 x Mackie SWA1801z
2 x JBL MR500 + EV Power Amp
1 x Allen Heath iLive digital desk T112 48 channel + iDR48 Rack on stage + Plus Madi system for live recording and automated sound check facility.


6 x powered Wharf dale 600w wedges
1 x Mackie SM450 set as drum monitor 4 additional powered JBL Eons available
6 x Trantec wireless In Ear Monitor System.


1 x Ampeg SVT 4 Pro + Ampeg 6x10 cab
1 x Marshall MB450H Bass head and Marshall 8x10 cab
1 x Marshall DSL100 head and 4x12 cab
1 x Marshall DSL50 head and 4x12 cab
1x Marshall TSL100 head and 4x12 cab
1x Line6 Spider 100 valve head and 4x12 cab
Drum kits 2 x Gretch, 2 x Ludwig, 1 x Mapex double bass drum birch kit.






An extensive range of mics including:
Two sets of Shure Drum mics inc overheads etc.
AKG D112
Shure KSM32
Shure KSM44
Various other

DI Boxes

Orchid handmade muted DI's x 2
Orchid handmade non muted x 6
Various other x 4



Desk – Avo Pearl 2008
24 x LED Par 56
16 x Par 56
6 x Par 64
Martin 218 x 4
Martin 812 x 4
Various other lighting effects
Haze, Smoke and snow machines.